Printmaking Stuido 
Welcome to Studio Shopen, a humble printmaking studio in Haifa, Israel. 
Immerse yourself in our tranquil space, where creativity flourishes and artistic expressions come to life.
Join me for inclusive workshops designed to nurture your artistic growth and ignite your creativity. Explore new techniques, connect with the printmaking community, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Browse our thoughtfully curated store, offering high-quality tools and materials for your printmaking endeavors. Find the perfect supplies to enhance your artistic practice and bring your visions to fruition.
Studio Shopen is a sanctuary  for the printmaking enthusiastic. Experience the warmth of our studio, connect with like-minded individuals, and let your imagination soar.
Welcome to Studio Shopen, where artistry finds its home.
Liav shopen
Meet Liav, the passionate printmaker behind Studio Shopen. With a BFA from Bezalel Academy and a journey that began in 2015, Liav has honed his craft through self-teaching and relentless dedication. his monochromatic prints capture the mystique of printmaking, featuring nature's beauty with intricate lines. As a teacher and collaborator in Israel and Belgium, Liav shares his expertise and fosters a thriving printmaking community. With exhibitions worldwide and a knack for creating and selling handmade tools, Liav is a true artist at heart. Welcome to the artistry of Studio Shopen.